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3rd Jun 2022

Welcome to Catacomb Party

Hey, you're listening to Catacomb Party!

Our first campaign, Tales of Kana, kicks off June 8th. Don't miss it or we will literally hunt you down and throw polyhedral dice in your general direction.

Thanks! Now get out of our office.

Episode transcript.


Thank you so much for listening to Catacomb Party. You did it. You're here. My name is Mathr. I am the dungeon master for this campaign.


I am Josh. I play Walker, a Triton fighter.


My name is PJ. I play Leo, the warforged artificer.


My name is Leslie and I play Elanil Valen, The wood elf ranger of the group.


My name is Krossland or Kross, and my character is The Future. Eff is a monk, half-elf, specifically mark of detection.


You're listening to Catacomb Party and on behalf of all of us, uh


Get the fuck out.


Get the hell out of our office.


See ya.

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Catacomb Party & The Tales of Kana
A show about dungeons and/or dragons (they aren't mutually exclusive).
The technological age of mortals has failed... and their society has fallen into ruin. But what happens when magic returns for the first time in thousands of years? And who will act when it falls into the wrong hands?

Tales of Kana explores the aftermath of a calamity called The First Wave through the eyes of a community of refugees working to rebuild their society. Follow four young survivors as they attempt to make sense of their strange new arcane abilities and struggle to find meaning in a world they've never truly known.

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